Coach Joy Update with our Jackrabbits­čÉ░

Hi Team & Future teammates!

We spoke to Coach Joy to ask her what she thought about all that has been going on and not able to really coach our classes live & not race herself. Here is what she said:

“Hi! Thanks for asking! Well, I know this is a time we are not used to or prepared for, but we are ALL being smart and have to abide by the CDC rules. I can’t wait to get back to coaching in our normal way, but in the meantime we will be safe & practice with small groups & social distancing.”

“This summer sure has been different! For everyone! Gosh, but I am so glad that we were able to have some Zoom classes. It was great to see our super Jackrabbits, and it is always great to teach our little student athletes about our sport of Track & Field!”

“As for me racing track meets, well, there were a lot of competitions cancelled-which we all knew would happen-but the World Masters Group created a Virtual Challenge as well as the USATF Masters had a Virtual Meet, too! So thought it would be fun to support both those events. We would post proof of our results on their result page. It was good to be able to do some type of ‘racing’ even though it wasn’t in a real meet. I still made ‘Virtual’ ribbons for a few other teammates”

See how Coach Joy did here:

World Wide Virtual Masters Challenge

2020 USA Masters Virtual Summer Challenge


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