All Comer Track meets ~ Thurs Nights 5:30pm~ Los Gatos! Fun for ALL!

Fun for all!

38th Annual

Summer All Comers Track meets at Los Gatos High School

Run with your age group!  Run a relay! Get timed in a 100m, mile, etc!

Jackrabbits meet at 5:30pm on the field at our blanket and tent. We warm up, do our drills and then see who wants to do the relay! The relay is at 6pm sharp! We even have parents run in relays too (if you want) ! Participate or spectate! Bring a lawn chair, blanket, snacks, friends, family, etc! Fun!

Events are as follows:


4x 100m relay, 800 meter, 60m hurdles, 100m, 400m, mile, 60m, 200m, 3200m, 300mh, 4x400m relay
Field events too! Long jump, shot put, pole vault, discus & triple jump!

 $8 at the gate & you can enter as many events as you would like 🙂

See you at the track!


Coach Windy in Saturday’s PAC 12 Meet at Stanford! 5/12/18

Hi Jackrabbits!

Coach Windy will be Long Jumping (2pm) and running the 100m hurdles (3:30pm) at the Pac 12 Championships at Stanford this Saturday!! Hope you can be there to cheer her on! Wear your Jackrabbits Shirt!

This is an amazing meet to see TOP track & field athletes compete!! You know the events!

FRIDAY APRIL 27th 6pm! Kids Half Lapper Race at The Warren/Eaton Invitational

200m Race with your age group!!

Friday April 27th at 6pm 

 KIDS 200 Meter Race

in the Eaton/Warren Invitational 2018

Acalanes High School in Lafayette, California

This is a fantastic experience for your kids to race and experience a track meet!

We are given 15 minutes to rally 8 races during the High School track meet. 

Coach Joy will meet you by the Snack Shack by the track at 5:30pm. There, we will divide into our age groups and then walk out to the track in orderly fashion to the start of the 200meters. Each race will be run separately:  4 & under, 5 year olds, 6 year olds, 7 year olds, etc. (combination of ages is a possibility if there are not a lot in one age group to fill the lanes)

The kids will race to the end of the 200m and the parents will meet them at the finish. For younger kids (1-5 yrs) that do not want to run by themselves, a parent may run with them.

After the race, we must get off the track because the next event will begin immediately.

ARRIVE EARLY there will be many team buses, vans & cars. Meet Coach Joy at 5:30pm to sign up. Bring a friend, too! You do not need to be a Jackrabbit to race in the Kids 200m Race, but wear your Jackrabbit Team shirt if you can! Yay Team!

This meet is terrific to watch too!  Your children will love to see the Track & Field events that they have learned in Jackrabbits! They know good running form, they know the terms and rules of many events, so seeing this sport in action with High School athletes competing will be a great experience all around!

March 31st 1:17sharp! Stanford Invitational KIDS HALF LAPPER 2018

Yay!!!  Come race a 200 meter with your age group!! Watch a real awesome meet after/before your race!!

This race is during the Stanford Invitational Track Meet.  It is a college & high school meet..and there is a special, highlighted race for the kids!  The race begins at 1:17pm is important to meet Coach Joy  near the Brick Information Building outside the track @ 12:45pm. …there, we will divide into age groups to race:  5 & under, 6 ,7…etc..and walk to the start of the 200m. (This 200m race is open to all kids ages 12 and under). This is a great opportunity to run a 200m..the crowd will cheer for everyone & it is a fun experience! Yay!! Everyone racing receives an award, too! (..races are over by 1:27pm races immediately follow).  Parents may walk out to the start with the children & also wait at finish line. HOWEVER, there is a high power meet happening around this 200m event for Please be aware of other athletes in the infield. So, after the fun kids races, we must exit the track immediately. 

Arrive early! There will be tons of team busses & cars parked all over.

Invite your friends!

If you have any questions please email: or call: 510-816-8009

~Coach Joy Upshaw 🙂

 See FULL meet schedule below:

2018 Stanford Inv (TENTATIVE) v2

100m American Record for Coach Joy! Honored USATF Athlete of the Week

Congrats to Coach Joy!

With her good running form- that she coaches in Jackrabbits-she was able to focus and race to a win and a W55-59 age group 100m American record!  She made sure to thank the officials, meet directors and her competitors, because as we know in Jackrabbits class, having good sportsmanship-no matter what place you finish-is important.

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