Welcome to Joy’s Jack Rabbits Track Club!

Joy’s Jack Rabbits Track Club is an introductory Track & Field club for children ages 3-14. Jack Rabbits was founded in 1998 by All-American collegiate-athlete Joy Upshaw. With over 35 years of coaching experience, Joy has coached Track & Field athletes ranging from pre-schoolers to Olympians.

The Jack Rabbits program is designed to teach an appreciation and understanding of the great sport of Track & Field. Jack Rabbit’s athletes learn all the Track & Field events. Drills and exercises are taught throughout the session to emphasize proper posture and running mechanics.

Whether or not your child is destined to be a track star, Jack Rabbits is a great foundation for all sports. In addition to the physical training, kids learn about teamwork and how technique can improve an athlete’s performance.

Jack Rabbits is always offered in a positive and supportive environment. We have lots of fun!

Joy’s Jack Rabbits is a USA Track & Field registered club in the Pacific Association.

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