Class Schedule


Thanks for checking in! Time to get back to learning track & field!

Joy’s Jackrabbits Classes focus on proper running mechanics, posture, learning track & field events, history and understanding the sport with good sportsmanship, being kind & having a great attitude:-)

Please email: our Coach Joy at  your Child’s Name,  Age and what class you are interested in & we will provide you with our info email including more details on fees, etc. 

🐰Yay!!! Go Jackrabbits! 🏃🏽‍♂️ Good Job, You’re Awesome!!




 Tuesday Evenings ~ Acalanes High School

Ages 4-8 Original Jackrabbits!  5:00-5:45pm
Ages 8-13 Junior Jackrabbits!  6:00-6:50pm
[Dates: Jan 24 – March 7] 
Thursday Afternoon ~ Springhill Elementary    FULL
 Ages 5-10 Original Jackrabbits! 2:45-3:45pm
[Dates: Jan 19- March 2] No class Feb 9


Sunday Mornings ~ Gunn High School

Ages 2.5-5 “The Littles ” Jackrabbits  9:00- 9:45am
Ages 5-8 Original Jackrabbits 10:00- 10:50am
Ages 9-14 Junior/Int. Jackrabbits 11:00-11:50am
[Dates: Jan 22- March 5] No Class Feb 12 
 Wednesdays Afternoon~ Addison Elementary
  Age 5-10 Original Jackrabbits! 1:20- 2:20pm
[Dates: Jan 25 – March 8]


Sunday Afternoons ~ Union Middle School   FULL

Ages 5-8  Original Jackrabbits 3:00-3:50pm
Ages 9-14 Int/Adv Jackrabbits 4:00-4:50pm 
[Dates: Jan 22- March 5] No Class Feb 12 



Mondays ~ Wagner Ranch Elementary (for WR School Students only)

Ages 5-10 Original Jackrabbits!  3:30-4:30pm
[Dates:  Feb 6 – April 17] No class  Feb 20, March 20 & 27


Private Virtual Lessons Small/Private Group/Private Lessons/Home School/

Family Live Training Sessions /Personalized Monthly Training Plans


 Email: for further details.








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