Our Program

Jack Rabbits Track Club offers Winter, Spring, Summer, and Fall sessions.

There is a class for every age! Age groups available are:

  • 3-5 year olds
  • 5-8 year olds
  • 9-11 year olds
  • Middle School
  • High School
  • Adult

Private coaching is also available. Coach Joy values the positive attributes the sport of Track & Field brings to all individuals and enjoys coaching these techniques to all.

Practices are held at various tracks all around the Bay Area: Stanford University, Gunn High School, Addison Elementary, Piedmont High School, Glorietta School, Acalanes High School and Los Gatos High School.
Please contact Coach Joy regarding session location and fees.

Here is what to expect for the classes of 3-11 year olds:

Every Jack Rabbit receives a club shirt, which is worn at practice, and a personalized binder/notebook that contains an outline of the whole program, a description of each practice’s “Event of the Day”, and our famous “Quiz of the Day!” (we all participate in the fun quiz together.) At the end of the session, each Jack Rabbit gets a hand-painted, personalized award/gift with a certificate.

A Typical Practice

At the beginning of each practice, Jack Rabbits sign in and collect their binders – don’t worry, we keep the binders between practices so you do not have to. Using the binders as a guide, we sit in a circle and have a brief “team meeting.” We introduce the day’s program and read over the “Quiz of the Day.”

Next, Jack Rabbits divide into groups by age and jog a warm-up lap around the track. After we are warmed up, we stretch and complete strength and running drills that emphasize proper posture and technique. Next comes the specific “Event of the Day”, which could be anything from a 200 meter sprint to the long jump. Over the course of the session, we will cover running, throwing and jumping.

For our last event, we run a relay race, which is always lots of fun. After the relay, we gather again to take the “Quiz of the Day” that we looked at during our team meeting. After completing the Quiz of the Day, Jack Rabbits get a sticker for their binders and we end practice with our team huddle: “What do you remember all week? Good posture, good attitude, be grateful & kind”.. and a cheer: “ Jack Rabbits Track Club!  Good job-You’re Awesome!!”  🙂

On occasion, Olympic coaches and athletes come to visit the Jack Rabbits, participating in the day’s activities.

We are a registered USATF Club. USA Track and Field is the national governing body for track and field competition in the United States. Every Jack Rabbit is required to register as 2023 USATF members. Among other things, USATF membership provides insurance for track and field activities, so it is very important. The cost of annual membership is $20. Please sign up online at www.usatf.org – be sure to choose club # 95, “Joy’s Jack Rabbits Track Club” in the Pacific Association as your club.


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