Saturday April 2, 2022! Stanford Invitational “Kids Half Lapper” Race!

Yay!!!  Come race a 200 meter with your age group!! Watch a real awesome meet after/before your race!!

This race is during the Stanford Invitational Track Meet.  It is a college & high school meet..and there is a special, highlighted race for the kids!  The races begin promptly at 12:50! is important to meet Coach Joy near the Brick Information Building outside the track AT 12:30!..there, we will divide into age groups to race:  4 & under, 5, 6 ,7…etc..and walk to the start of the 200m. (This 200m race is open to all kids ages 12 and under). This is a great opportunity to run a 200m..the crowd will cheer for everyone & it is a fun experience! Yay!! Everyone racing receives an award, too! (..races are over within 15 minutes races immediately follow).  Parents may walk out to the start with the children & also wait at finish line. HOWEVER, there is a high power meet happening around this 200m event for Please be aware of other athletes in the infield. So, after the fun kids races, we must exit the track immediately. 

Arrive early! There will be tons of team busses & cars parked all over.

Invite your friends!

If you have any questions please email: 

~Coach Joy Upshaw 🙂

Wolfpack All Comer Meet 11/7 ~ 1pm

1pm Sunday afternoon
November 7th, the WolfPack Running Club will be hosting an All Comer track meet

Independence High School in San Jose!
617 N. Jackson Ave.
San Jose, CA 95133

You may enter onsite. Entry fee is $20 to enter as many running events as you would like!


4x100m Relay, 60m, 800m, 100m, 400m, MILE, 200m, 2 mile, 4x800m, 1500m Race Walk.


Since this All Comer TRACK MEET is being held within a Laser Run, events are Numbered BELOW.

ALL are welcome to try the Laser Run too!

Events to be Contested

Event #1:
4 x 100 Meter Relay

Event #2:
2 x 400 Open Laser-Run Relay
(Teams of Two; No medals)

Event #3:
60-Meter Dash

Event #4:
800-Meter Run

Event #5:
2 x 400 Open Individual Laser-Run
(Medals for U11 division)

Event #6:
100-Meter Dash

Event #7:
3 x 400 Open Individual Laser-Run
(Medals for U13, U15, U17, M40 divisions)

Event #8:
400-Meter Dash

Event #9:
4 x 400 Open Individual Laser-Run
(Medals for U19, Juniors (19-21), Seniors (22+) divisions)

Event #10:
1-Mile Run

Event #11:
1-Mile Elimination Race

Event #12:
3 x 400 Elite Individual Laser-Run
(Medals for U13, M50, M60 divisions)

Event #13:
200-Meter Dash

Event #14:
4 x 400 Elite Individual Laser-Run
(Medals for U15, U17, M40 divisions)

Event #15:
2-Mile Run

Event #16:
4 x 800 Meter Relay

Event #17:
4 x 800 Elite Individual Laser-Run
(Medals for U19, Juniors (19-21), Seniors (22+) Divisions)

Event #18:
1500-Meter Race Walk

Coach Joy Wins Multiple Gold Medals at the 2021 USA Track & Field Masters National Championships!


 Coach Joy Upshaw, won five (5) national championships at the recent USA Track & FIeld (USATF) Masters Championships held on July 22-25 at the Iowa State Cyclone Sports Complex. Over 1,200 Masters athletes participated in the event. 

This was Joy’s first year competing in the 60-64 year old age group and she won 1st place in all of her events: 100meters, 200meters, 80 meter hurdles, long jump and 4×100 relay. Three of her running times were this year’s top times in the world for her age group! 

Coach Joy is a veteran of Masters Track and has been actively competing for over 45 years throughout middle school, high school, college and now Masters. She’s won 24 Masters world championships and was inducted into the USATF Masters Hall of Fame in 2012. She is also the current Masters Chair for the USATF Pacific Association. 

She enjoy’s the sport very much and that is why she loves to coach our Joy’s Jackrabbits Track Club! Not only do our Jackrabbits learn about the events, but she teaches good sportsmanship and the history of the sport too! Yay!

She has coordinated a Masters Elite Club which got 6th Place out of 111 teams competing at Nationals, too!


About USATF Masters Track & Field

USATF Masters actively promotes fitness, friendship, volunteerism, athletic development, competition, and inclusive sportsmanship. All levels of ability are welcomed and encouraged to participate. 

USATF Masters offers local, regional, national and international competition opportunities in track and field, long-distance running, and race walking for athletes 35 years of age and older (25 and older at USATF Masters Track and Field Championships).


Fun for ALL! Friday Evenings in July! 4pm Field / 5pm Track

New ALL COMERS Meets at Independence HS in San Jose! 
617 N.Jackson Ave. San Jose, CA 95133  (Right near 680/280)

$5 entry- unlimited events.  ALL AGES. Race with your age group.

Friday Nights in JULY

 4pm Field Events:

Pole Vault, Long Jump, Shot Put, Discus, Triple Jump & High Jump

5pm Running Events: 

4x100m 1600m 60MH 400m 100m 800m 300mh 60m 200m 3200m 4x400m

VERY low key & good to test out events for you! 

Hope to see you there this Friday!

Yes! Practice rain or shine 😀


Remember we practice rain or shine… just make sure to bring a towel for after practice to put down in your car when you go home.  🙂

Many track and sporting events are not cancelled due to rain, so it is important to know that yes, we do get wet, but we still can run and have fun! (In fact, many of our rainy day practices have been favorites of the kids!) Yay!

Zooming Wednesdays 5:45pm – Tons of Track & Field Info, Olympic Video & Analysis, etc!!!

Our Zoom Classes have been great teaching your terrific kids Track & Field!

We do all our stretches, exercises, sprint drills and what is also exciting is our reviewing and understanding of track & field events up close in slow motion : shot put, pole vault, hurdles, javelin, etc !!! 

We note country flags and specific stats of Olympic caliber athletes which they will no doubt recognize in the next Olympic Games & World Championships!!

We have seen the Brazilian Relay team win in a championship and see them celebrate with their fellow country team members; we have seen Sweden’s 21 yr old Mondo Duplantis’ evolution of his Pole Vault world records beginning at 7 years old; we have seen USA’s Delilah Mohammad set the 400m hurdle record 2x in a row with a USA young 21 yr old Sydney McLaughlin close behind… these are just a few examples of what they get to see and understand. 

This is definitely a fun class! 

Hope to see you next Weds!!  Please email Coach Joy for the special Zoom Link!