Zooming Wednesdays 5:45pm – Tons of Track & Field Info, Olympic Video & Analysis, etc!!!

Our Zoom Classes have been great teaching your terrific kids Track & Field!

We do all our stretches, exercises, sprint drills and what is also exciting is our reviewing and understanding of track & field events up close in slow motion : shot put, pole vault, hurdles, javelin, etc !!! 

We note country flags and specific stats of Olympic caliber athletes which they will no doubt recognize in the next Olympic Games & World Championships!!

We have seen the Brazilian Relay team win in a championship and see them celebrate with their fellow country team members; we have seen Sweden’s 21 yr old Mondo Duplantis’ evolution of his Pole Vault world records beginning at 7 years old; we have seen USA’s Delilah Mohammad set the 400m hurdle record 2x in a row with a USA young 21 yr old Sydney McLaughlin close behind… these are just a few examples of what they get to see and understand. 

This is definitely a fun class! 

Hope to see you next Weds!!  Please email Coach Joy for the special Zoom Link!


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