Month of June! Virtual Jackrabbits until the OK

Hi team! For the month of JUNE..(I is only a Month..but I am still hoping that tracks may open soon!), I’m excited to continue our Virtual Jackrabbit Class packages via ZOOM! We had fun in MAY ⭐️Although we are not on a track, we can still get a full workout including Track & Field drills, exercises, sprints, plyometrics and continue to learn about the sport! If interested, please email Coach Joy at and provide the class/classes your child is interested in and we will provide you with more details-including a ZOOM Invites. Hope you can join us!   Thank you!  
Go Jackrabbits! Good Job, You’re awesome!
  TUESDAY Evenings:   
Ages 4-10  “Original Jackrabbits ”  5:00pm-5:50pm 
 [Dates: JUNE 2,9,16,23 & 30]  
Ages 9-15  “Jrs/Int/Adv Jackrabbits”  5:00pm-6:00pm
[Dates: JUNE 3,10,17 & 24] 
 SUNDAY Mornings:   
Ages 4-10 “ Original Jackrabbits ”  10:30am – 11:30am
[Dates: JUNE 7,14, 21 & 28]   
Also Available:
Private Virtual Lessons 
Personalized Monthly Training Plans 
Email: for further details.


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