UPDATE Spring 2020 Schedule canceled :-(

Greetings Jackrabbits!!    (Dates are pending per: COVID-19)

Spring Schedule WAS found below. We put it up, so you can get an idea of future classes/times. Thanks for checking in! I am so sorry to announce our cancellation 😦 But, as you all know, we must follow the CDC and not have any group activity. I am sure we will be meeting again. Please take care of you & your families. I know many of you in classes before know our routine…. now, YOU can lead your family! 🙂

Coach joy & Jackrabbit staff!


PRIVATE Lessons & program consultations are also available. Online, phone or in a ZOOM Meeting.  


If you are interested in any future CLASS – Please email Coach Joy with your/ child’s name, age, class & location you would like them to attend so she can put them on the roster. We will follow up with further details-(prices vary) Can’t wait to see you!  You may join anytime and it is fine if you can’t make every class. If you have a sibling that you would want in same class, we can accommodate that too. -Yay! Thank you! 🙂

Our Future Schedules / TBA




 TUESDAY Evenings:  Acalanes HS Track    (NOTE DAY CHANGE to TUESDAY)
Ages 4-8  “Original Jackrabbits ”  5:00-5:50pm
Ages 9-12 “Junior Jackrabbits” 6:00-6:50pm

[Dates:  ? TBA]




Sunday Mornings:  GUNN HS Track
Ages 4-7  “ Original Jackrabbits I ”     10:30am – 11:30am
Ages 8-10 “Original Jackrabbits II ”    Noon – 1pm

[Dates:  ? TBA]


Wednesday Afternoons: Addison Elementary (Special after School Class)
Ages 5-8 “Original Jackrabbits”  1:15-2:15pm

[Dates:  ? TBA]

Wednesday Evenings:   GUNN HS Track
Ages 9-11  “Junior Jackrabbits”   5:00- 6:00pm
Ages 12-16  ” Int/Adv Jackrabbits” 6:00-7:00pm

[Dates:  ? TBA]


 Sunday Afternoons:  Los Gatos High School Track

Ages 9-11 “Junior Jackrabbits” 3:00-3:50pm
Ages 4-8   “Original Jackrabbits”   4:00-4:50pm

[Dates: ? TBA]





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