Coach Joy selected to go to USATF Convention and The USATF 3 / IAAF 5 coaching Academy

What did Coach Joy do on her holiday break?

…..She was selected by the Pacific Association to go to the Annual USATF Meeting to connect with the Track & Field governing body! She was able to attend meetings of : High Performance, Masters Track, Women’s Track Coaching Association, Team Managers and Development.  Always staying connected with her profession!—Calendar/2018/2018-Annual-Meeting.aspx

…..She was selected to attend the USATF Level 3 / IAAF 5 Coaching Academy at the IMG Academy.  This is a coaching academy where 28 elite Sprint/Hurdle coaches were selected to participate.  She found that confirming what she knows and learning more tips & techniques from the High Performance lectures were great! She LOVES that! Always staying current with her profession!—/Coaches/Coaching-Education/Three-Boxes.aspx

……She can’t wait till Winter Jackrabbits begin to share some new tips!  Yay!!


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